SST Communications

Text 1/19/24

Hi ERC Security & Safety Team (SST)

Welcome to 2024! I hope all is well with you and your families.

I appreciate you and the opportunity to serve with each of you.

I apologize for the length of this intro message as there are a few points to cover.

· Pastor Les would like to meet with our team this coming Sunday (1/21) for about 15 minutes. The meeting will probably be right after the end of service. I will send out a confirmation/update as soon as this is dialed in.
· The link at the bottom of this message will direct you to information about SST including our team schedule. Please let me know if you need to make any schedule changes.
· Larry will be taking a break from SST and is not currently scheduled.
· I am coordinating resources for SST trainings in 2024. Training topics may include: First-Aid, trauma triage, legal use of force, de-escalation techniques, escort & control techniques & live-fire range time. There are no training dates scheduled at this time.
· Recruitment: please let me know if there is anyone in our congregation that you think would be a good fit for our team. Ideally, I would like to get the SST roster up to 8-10 active team members.  **Pastor Les needs to personally approve anyone who wants to carry a firearm in our church.
· Lastly, I welcome any feedback or ideas you may have to develop our team and move it forward.

SST Link:

Best regards,
Jon McGowan
614-607-9878 call/text